Our Story

Our Story

was founded in 2011 by Susan Patrick in Milford, CT and the concept is simple.

’s mantra is never take a bite of mediocre ice cream. Susan created because she had four small children and wanted to make them something that was absolutely delicious but NOT full of sugar. She already owned and operated the Walnut Beach Creamery in Milford, CT which made its own ice cream full of delicious cream and real fruit and Susan is an ice cream fanatic, so she knew she wanted something that tasted just as good but without added sugar. It wasn’t easy.

At the time, 2011, all no sugar added ice creams were sweetened with artificial sweeteners and a lot of health experts were warning about their dangers. Stevia was something new. The plant, originating from South America, has a bright green leaf that looks a lot like mint but if you pick a leaf and put it in your mouth there’s an explosion of sweetness. The best part is stevia doesn’t make your blood sugars rise. This was something natural and sweet. It was perfect…

Not so fast! Stevia leaf for all its wonderful attributes has a strong aftertaste. Some say it taste a little like black licorice. It took two years of experimenting and taste testing in her Connecticut creamery before Susan had an ice cream that tasted creamy and sweet but without the aftertaste and, best of all, without the added sugars.

To help grow the company, Susan brought together a team and together started making bars covered in a no-sugar-added chocolate coating that you have to taste to believe. Some of our chocolate coatings are sprinkled with tiny cocoa nibs for crunch. We use fresh banana puree and nutmeg, dark roast peanut butter and pure vanilla extract. believes in the pure joy of ice cream, especially a chocolate covered bar. It brings back memories of the ice cream truck and that old song… I scream, you scream we all scream for ! It makes us smile every time we hear it, and hope you do too.

Susan and the team of