Our Team

Our Team


Susan Patrick

Founder & -ologist

Susan had four small children and she was looking for a low sugar alternative that they’d love to eat. It started at her Walnut Beach Creamery and in the kitchen, she played around with stevia and things as simple as nutmeg and bananas or dark roasted peanut butter. It took a few years until she had something to be proud of. Susan graduated from New York University with a degree in computers and journalism. She started as a TV producer and writer, but was calling.



Robert DeVito

National Sales Director

Bob has been in the ice cream business a long time. Bob spent 30 years building Eskimo Pie, Welch, Weight Watchers, Real Fruit Sorbet, Nabisco and Dole Fruit Bars into leading ice cream novelty brands. With over 40 years in the consumer products category, he knows his stuff.



Anna Rubino

Design Director

Anna brings over two decades of experience bringing national and boutique brands to life. Anna has led through every stage of this brand reinvention!



Nancy Stamler

Community Relations Director

Nancy has been creating partnership that benefit the success of each company, brand and non-profit organizations for decades. For , she’s been working with the ADA and various diabetic advocate groups to make sure consumers know how our can be a viable alternative for people with dietary restrictions.



Alyssa Lavy, MS, RD, CDN


Alyssa is here to answer your questions about health, wellness and Iskream. She is a registered dietitian and the owner of Alyssa Lavy Nutrition & Wellness LLC. Alyssa received her Master of Science in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology from Teachers College Columbia University and has experience in clinical, outpatient and retail settings.